Readers' Favorites

Happy Anniversary Raine and Cisco!

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, I'm inviting readers to share which of the past ten books has been their favorite, and why.  This will help determine the course of the rest of the series! 

Just leave a comment below telling me about your favorite Raine Stockton book.  Leave your dog's name too (or the name of a canine friend) if you'd like him/her to be mentioned in an  upcoming book.



SandyG265 said...

My favorite was Smokey Mountain Tracks because it introduced me to a new series that I've really enjoyed.
I don't have a dog anymore but growing up I had a poodle mix named Blackie.

Windwish27 said...

My favorite in the series is "Smokey Mountain Tracks. There are many reasons why, but the most important is the fact it introduced me to you as a writer. I then read every book in this (and most every other series/book you wrote) and had many enjoyable hours reading. The reason this book is my favorite is, I liked the connection between Raine and Cassidy, I have "felt" that connection with a few dogs in my lifetime. I really can relate to Raine and your knowledge of dogs shines through in every book. But your first will always be my favorite in this series.

The two dogs I have felt this deep connection with are Promise my Blue Merle Aussie with the two most beautiful blue eyes ( she passed away quietly on Valentines day two years ago) and my little Yorkie Ellie May.

I also have had a past Aussie, Ashleigh and the current two are Whisper and Grace.

I would be honored if you used them in your book (especially Ellie May, Promise and Whisper)
Thanks for such great reads..

pcaywood01 said...

It is hard to say which is my favorite. Every time I read a new one, it becomes my favorite. I think I started getting into the series more and more with Gun Shy. It showed us the kind of player that Buck really is. He loves Raine but he still loves to date, I think he and Raine are better as old friends than husband and wife. I loved the introduction of Miles who is completely opposite, yet somewhat like Buck only he is completely devoted to Raine and pulls out all stops to help her in anyway he can. He is not pushy or controling he just lets her be herself and somehow ends up always being there for her. I like seeing Raine grow from someone who didn't much care for kids to fall in love with Melanie. I think of Melanie as a young Raine. Raine didn't have the privileges that Mel has but they share the same love of dogs and learning about dogs. I really think I'm going to love Corny he is excentric. Whether or not he wins Sheriff, I like the Marshall Becker guy. He may need to be introduced to Sonny? Either way, I think his character might be a good addition to the stories. I look forward to a new book each year. I read all the time. Not much of a TV person. I'd much rather have a book. I hope the series lasts for anther 10 years or more! Love it. Thanks for the enjoyment you have brought into my life.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are Smoky Mountain Tracks and Rapid Fire - these two stories introduced me to Raine, Cisco and Buck; plus, their relationship was complicated but you feel yourself rooting for them, regardless of past behavior. Each story is so realistic, I feel as though I am a part of the story and we're friends. I prefer Raine with Buck - I don't like the idea of Buck with someone else, and honestly keep wishing & was so hopeful after Buck's slip of the tongue in Home Of the Brave, that the two of them would be back together; their love should be the love that lasts. As friends they're great, but I really hope they find their way back to each other.

Cisco's actions remind me of my beloved Murphy - he was a Chocolate Lab but showed a lack of impulse control too. I would come home from work and he would stand on his hind-legs to peer through the window into the garage to watch me get out of the car and then bark "Hello". It made me smile and feel welcome everytime.

Your writing style is great and pulls the reader in & I'll continue to read the series; but, please, please bring Raine and Buck back together!!

Thanks for all of the stories and hours of entertainment!

Barb S said...

I loved Diuble Dog Dare but my favorite has to be High in Trial because my Border Collie Bryte got to be an agility champion in it. Miraj or Fyre would love to be in one of your books.